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Ceiling Channel System

Ceiling Channel System

Spice Hawk Steel Sections Ltd Ceiling Channel System is designed to be an easy to install metal section system. The system is designed to be a smooth finished concealed system where there are no visible joints. It can be used for a new ceiling or to cover up an existing ceiling.

Ceiling heights can be varied allowing space for ducting and services above the ceiling.

Our tophat section (SHCCS5) which is used to secure the board to is knurled along it base to allow for easier placement and penetration of the screw.

Product Ref. Product Name Packs Bundles Length (mm)
  2400 2700 3000 3600 4000 4200 4800 5000 6000
SHCCS5 Tophat 50 200                
SHCCS6 Perimeter 20 300                
SHCCS7 Primary 10 200                
SHCCS8 Strap Hanger (25m/roll)                  
SHCCS9 Ceilling Clips (200/box)                  
SHCCS11 Nuts and Bolts (200/box)                  
SHCCS12 Cleats (100/box)                  
SHCCS13 13mm Waferhead Screws (1000/box)                  
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